just because u gave in does not mean u have failed.


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thank you alll for the msg backs, and the stories. i understand now where i stand. i am going to start again tooday with this no fap, what i have noticed is this tho. for the period i gave in and fapped. i did not do it no where near the normal amount i did, noteven to porn. it was just not interesting to me, i did masterbate, but to the thoughts in my head ( not porn thoughts).

i guess the month rllly did do some healing for me, when i think of the pornstar i usta look at, its not as exciting anynmore. before i was all crazy for it, now its just more like whatever. i still have not gotten my morning wood back, altho i have been having some random erections here and there which is a good thing( im sure of it). even 4 days off my last month, im still feeling good, open, and everything. i guess whtim saying is this, if u falll just know its not that bad. u broke your mission , yes, but your more healed, and its going to be easier this time. 3 steps foward 1 step back. failing is needed once in a while, kinda reminds you that your human, and not damaged goods. before that was my thoughts, oh im damaged in hurt, after i broke i kinda thought about it and figured what i was doing is a little unhuman. we all have this need and want...... but thats just how i feel.

now i do know for most resukts vary, and im not saying to go and give in. we are human, we are fighting prob one of the most desired feeling a human can go through. so if u do fall, its not the end of the world, u just need to start again. right now im going to try to shoot for that month and half, to 2 month mark. and see if the urge is still there. i will keep you guys posted on my results.  :p