Therapist advice


So, Ive been seeing the same guy for 11 years. His specialty is alcohol addiction and apparently couples therapy ( have not used him for that yet).He is very insightful and his take is "I have to do the work" and "ride this out". Now, he is an insurance based therapist, and although I like him, there seems to be this missing component.I can't put my finger on. For one, I almost feel like he says " oh yes I have other patients like you", but that makes me think that he says that so I keep coming back, and he bills insurance.Another aspect of this is that he doesnt seem cutting edge.Meaning, since I am Newbie to "really being commited" he doesnt offer me any insight or advice other than "go to meetings" and "read select books". I was thinking, maybe there is more he should be offering like breathing techniques or hypnotherapy, or something a "real trained sex therapist" would right recommend out of the gate.Any thoughts would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance