I have found that these familiar things work well for long rebooters. They do not cure the paws/flatlines completely but rather grind of the raw and sharp edges of them and make them more bearable to live with:

- karezza - semen retention.
- weight lifting
- get rid of social media
- stop pointles phone usage
- cold showers every now and then
- start doing old school stuff. I mean if you want to have fun play some cards or do puzzles with a friend or a family member.
- Read. I've been reading thousands of pages just within few months and i still continue reading. I've been reading biographies of some criminals and some scifi + sience books. You might want to buy e-reader. That little device is fucking awesome for reading. Throw ipads and phones into the bottom of the sea. They are trash. Not good at all for reading.
- listen music (or radio) when ever you feel bored and want to use your phone for mindless scrolling.
- don't carry your phone with you 247. World doesn't stop rotating if you are not available 247. At some point you start to feel free without your phone and it might also start to feel annoying when you feel your phone inside your pocket. (This world was WAY BETTER place before the plague of smart phones and social media)
- alphaviril + dhea supplementation works. At least for me.

I've been rebooting 9 months (after two decades of PMO) so far and had zero relapses. This is not over yet, which is fucking shit. Libido is not normal. I believe this might be over within few years if done correctly. Finding the right ways to improve yourself (without the internet) is important. When you upgrade your life you feel better. Better feeling man is more functional.

This world and humanity needs the good old times back, the time before the internet. You older guys know what i mean. Today there is just so much pointless internet related stuff going on that everybody are fucking anxious all the time. People can't even drive cars without using their phones. Mothers and fathers are using their phones when they are supposed to play with their kids at the playgrounds. That is fucking repulsive sight to see. I have declared a personal war against internet and smart phones. I've been making myself bored on purpose just to get rid of all the phone usage. I rather stare the blank wall than start using phone for mindless scrolling if i'm bored.

Let me tell you that internet, social media and smart phones in general are the three major reasons this world is fucked up and people acting like maniacs.
I Don't want to preach but think about it. Everything was just fine in the 90's and before that.
I quote Professor Farnsworth from Futurama: "I don't want to live on this planet anymore".

Edit: also you might want to consider growing a nice beard and stache. It's a huge leap towards manliness when you do so. It corrects you into a better mindset. Boy leaves the house and man enters, so to say. growing a full beard and stache is almost a religion. It's a precursor to all good and healthy adulthood stuff you are supposed to do. When i grew my first full beard (few years ago) i started to include other healthy things into my life as well. Paid attention to my looks and clothes. Started to take better care of my skin and hair also. Started more intense weight lifting and paid attention to what i eat. And i'm pretty damn sure that this nofap thing is also due to my life style change which i started just by growing out my beard.

Can't grow a beard? Grow a stache! It doesn't have to be full beard. Grow what you can!
If you do 90 nofap challenge. I urge you to do 90 day beard growth challenge as well :) you might be surprised what it might lead into.
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