I Would Rather (fill in the blank) Than Look at Porn Again.


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I Would Rather get a D On My Research Paper Than Look at Porn Again

Yesterday was stressful - very stressful. All the deadlines and everything else just added up to a high crescendo of stress last night. I needed a glass of wine just to relax my nerves, and I definitely ate more food than should have. Oh well, It is what it is. I didn't sleep very well either - just twisted and turned about thinking over it all.

However, cooking my breakfast this morning I had a realization; I would rather get a D on my research paper than look at porn again. And just like that my stress stopped and I could think clearly about my values.

Do I want a D on my paper? Hell no! But I would rather receive one than look at porn ever again.

What would you rather do, or have happen to you, than look at porn again?

It's a good exercise to think about, because it really puts your values into perspective.

Give it a try!

I would rather (fill in the blank) than look at porn again.


I would rather have that hard conversation with my wife/girlfriend than look at porn again.

I would rather get a D on my research paper than look at porn again.

I would rather breakup with my girlfriend/boyfriend than look at porn again.

I would rather approach that beautiful girl in the coffee shop and ask for her number than ever look at porn again.

I would rather be rejected by that beautiful girl than ever ever look at porn again.

I would rather feel depressed than look at porn again.

I would rather punch a wall out of my anger and frustrations about life than look at porn again.

I would rather have no friends and feel eternal loneliness than ever look at porn again.

I would rather have no sex than look at porn again.

I would rather have no job than look at porn again.

I would rather feel stressed like hell than look at porn again.

We can sit here all day and say we don't want to look at porn anymore, but at the end of the day it's our values and preferences that will get us through to the other side.

Do we really mean what we say, or are we only pretending to? And if so how far are we willing to go to stick with our values? I ask this more for myself than anyone else.

I will be thinking more about this...

Well back to school, I definitely don't want a D on that paper. :cool:


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Excellent post, @Blondie.

I would rather look my depression square in the face than look at porn again.

When I look at porn, it's a defeat. It means depression and poor mental health has won yet another battle.

Apparently on Omaha Beach on D-Day, some American officer told his men: "There are now two types of people on this beach – those who are dead, and those who are going to die. Now let's get the hell out of here!"

That's a very melodramatic way of looking at it, but it rings true with a porn addiction. Either you can give in, or you can fight it. As @William pointed out in this epic thread, on this forum there are two types of people: those who think they can make compromises with a porn addiction and somehow keep porn in their lives, and those who are dedicated to the challenges and obstacles of crushing the addiction.

I know which person I want to be!
I don't know what I'd rather do. I'd rather be lonely for another year than look at porn again. I've got so many good things going on in my life so that it now feels like I'm not using porn as a band aid to cover my feelings of loneliness, but rather that I'm actively sabotaging what's good in my life. I feel like I can't watch porn because it's not part of a healthy life and besides I'm afraid I'll be judged for my porn use. I've also started getting these anxiety attacks after watching porn which is not great. I feel so stressed out after I PMO (yet I still do it).


Great post! I have two answers:

1. I would rather do anything, than watch porn again.
2. I fricking love porn and would love to watch it again BUT I know that isn't possible for me. If I do continue to watch porn it will 100% ruin my life.


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Great post! I remember when I had a serious moment of stress a couple months back, and I felt like my misunderstood stress would be the cause of me losing a job I've worked many years to get into. I thought I was going to snap or relapse when I had the genuine thought that somehow made me feel like everything would be ok, one way or another. "I would rather lose my job than watch porn again". And I meant it.