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Thank you for this. It’s where my wife and I are now. Something I heard before was for every 1 negative interaction you need 5 positive interactions for a marriage to last. Obviously there are situations that don’t apply to this but my wife and I strive to attain this. We went back to dating each other, me made more time for each other and we improved our communication skills it takes work and we still have peaks and valleys but it’s working well for us at the moment. Nothing in life is guaranteed, she could walk up tomorrow and tell me she just can’t do it anymore but at least I have an honest effort into being the best version of me in the time being.


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I love this!

Funny, my husband and I never fought until P hit the fan. Now we're making up for it in spades!


@Sammyjo - only one of the reasons I adore you - We were the same way - ZERO fights/arguments until D-Day. I am making up for lost time. @Gracie - That graphic is true…I have to admit - we both let down our working it - over the last 10 years - a lot of reflection. What I have learned this week is…. Time is just that…time….it does not equate to more love the longer you go…it is just time…and we choose what we do with it.