First post - and first attempt


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I actually thought I was doing great. I quit MOP without many issues for about 3 week (mid October). Met this wonderful person that I want to engage with to the fullest and not have flatline or insercurities around it - I even deleted dating profiles to get rid of the temptation.

As time went by, I started logging into my 'other' snapchat - kept that one, as I hadn't used it for quite a while. Got on there more and more frequently just to check if somebody wanted the quick fuck. I somehow got myself convinced that even though your were fucking strangers, it would still be rewiring. Maybe it is, but that also meant, that my sexual focus re-emerged. I M a few time, although mostly to novels - once more excuses: no P no problem...

I don't think I have realized how hard this is in the long run. A week, two or three: fine. But giving up on all the external confirmation that I have been used to getting through sex - through MO. Fuck.

I try to not see it as a failure, but as progress. However, how do you guys deal with it? and what do you do when MO(P) happens.