Please 🥺 someone should answer me because I feel like killing myself.

Has any one experience this?? After 5 years of porn addiction and masturbation.

My manhood has no sensitivity at all. I do get my erection but when having sex with a girl I don't feel nothing at all. Please 🥺 is there a cure to this??? I was a virgin when I was addicted so I don't know nothing about or how I'm supposed to feel the sensitivity. But I know something is wrong because the girls don't always enjoy the sex. Please 🥺 is there solution to the sensitivity????
I've had similar experience. Sensitivity and hardness for me have been all messed up. What we can do is quit all of that stuff, focus on healthy living, and build toward a better future. Dang porn is a SOB.


It will come back. How long it will take no one can say but it will. My first sexual encounter after I started this I couldn't feel anything at all. On my last one now I did feel some sensation, even though it's faar from optimal. Stop touching your dick and give it time.