Literally getting there. Cure to porn induced erectile dysfunction:


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Hi guys,
Hope you all are doing well.

So its been really a long time since i have stopped watching porn. I was quite a heavy user since a very young age and never knew the side effects of porn in my life until i had a bad experience with premature ejaculation. That one bad experience still haunts me.
however, i never took this premature ejaculation too seriously, and i did continue watching porn then n there. After i meet this girl and when we were on the verge of getting physical, I had this feeling that i would ejaculate or something and it was horrible.

After a long time, i had the courage and thought to myself, let me have sex, as in maybe that can help me cure my issues. So the day comes, the moment i put my condom on, i begin to lose my erections and I'm like wtf is happening? So basically, i knew for a fact that i had premature ejaculation, but never did i ever expect to have erectile dysfunction, the worse of the lot. This really did worry me and at this time, i already left the porno watching habit. After let's say two or three months, i tried to do the same thing. I tried to have sex, however, i did not have a condom on, but this time i actually did not lose my erection, and ofcourse, since I did not have a condom, I just put the tip inside and not the whole thing in. However, I had this feeling that I could actually go deeper.

But however guys, all that i would like to say is, STOP WATCHING PORN! and begin focusing on yourself. Go to the gym, lift some weights, read books. I wouldn't say that I'm cure of premature ejaculation, that might take sometime, but i can feel that, I'm slowly getting there. All the best to you guys and please STOP watching it