Important ED question


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I’m a 21 M who plays hockey and attends the gym. Perfect bloodwork including tests. I’m not addicted to MO anymore and haven’t done it more than 5 times in all of 2022. Sometimes I can’t get it up with my gf if 1.5 yrs even tho we only have sex and I don’t MO. yet, I still get no MW/NW. how do I get my morning wood back and multiple erections a day? Been to 2 urologists that have said I’m fine also. Do I need a 120 day hardmode?


Have you always struggled with your gf? Can it be nerves you're not getting rid of? Do you watch P? Even if it's not on a regular basis and only now and then it can still make an impact. Abstain from watching it, preferably for life.


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I think it also has to do with working with your partner and not just feel you have to "perform". Work on foreplay, stimulating each other, going on dates, giving hugs etc. All these things get the energy flowing.

And stay away from porn. It's like a hard drug and even if you don't MO to it, it can interfere with getting aroused by your partner (she isn't always novel, doing whatever you want, ready at all times, etc... She's a real woman).