Second chances


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Hello ,I'm starting my journey from porn today.I use to have sexual partners when I was 19 ish or so (now 25).I went single for a couple of years and I just now realized I have a problem.I met me a older woman who is good to me and she tries her best to please me dispite health conditions from time to time.Ive noticed I have a hard time coming even though I know she can't get pregnant anymore.I want to try as hard on my end as she does for me .I've decided to quit porn .


Welcome to the forum @Vanier97. Quitting porn is a great decision. If you're experiencing any form of PIED please don't get distraught if it takes longer than you expect to get back to normal. It's a non-linear process and not one case is the same. I advise you to read up on the process and read other peoples stories to get a feeling of what may or may not happen during your journey. Reading this is a great starting point. I would also advise you to check out this video. Stay strong!