STANDING Erection quality

Hi Guys,

I will make this quick and to the point - did any of you experience problems where it was easy to stimulate yourself to an erection while laying on your back but almost impossible when your standing up?

This is something that I am noticing for myself and I am worried about venous leak. Yes, I know its rare, but still, "position dependent ED" is one of the classic symptoms of Venous leak.

Has anyone experienced standing erections problems that resolved with a reboot? Does standing erection problems indicate a more severe PIED that would take a longer reboot? I literally cant get an erection when I am standing no matter how much I stimulate. It will get semi hard at most. It will drop fast if I stop stimulating. On my back, I can get get an erection with stimulation with relative ease, but still some ED there too.

One theory is that the brain can be conditioned to only get an erection while on your back as this is the most common PMO position (it was for me). Maybe a reboot would resolve this? Should I be focusing on having sex standing up to reprogram my brain ?

Please share your experiences. Thank you.