90 Reset


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I was wondering if anyone would have any guidance on how to make it through the 90 Reset without any intimacy with my significant other?

I made it 90 days porn free but remained intimate with my wife through the process. Now my therapist has asked me to go 90 without any intimacy and it's a real struggle. My wife has been very supportive and has helped me in every way, but now I've been porn free and i am not pressuring her into sex she is much more turned on at times and feels like she's more attracted to me then ever.

When our son is not home and we have a time to ourselves we can't help but be intimate with one another because we miss that connection all the time and it ends up leading to arousal and then sex. It been 30 days and this has happened twice.

I know the easy answer is don't be intimate but when you're a couple who has always been physical this is not easy.

Anyone have any tips??



Daily intimacy is great (and very soothing), whether or not you have sex.