Male 23. Pmoed for 8 years. Trying to quit since 2 years but still failing regularly


It has been two years that i have been trying to quit. I'm trying my best maybe. But after some time i just feel p is normal and then i got back to it.once i have slipped i just binge p. And masturbates multiple times in a single day. And this occurs for like a week or two. This is increasing my anxiety, decreasing my confidence and making me socially anxious. My career is almost destroyed. Don't know what to do. Help


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Start a regular journal.
Take the reboot challenge - 90 days - no P at all. Kick this stuff out! See how it feels?
Just don't give yourself the option of P - not forever for now - but for a set period that you can aim for - that's why the suggestion of 90 days. A LOT of good things happen in 90 days!

With a support community you can do it! :)


Consider joining a recovery group online or in person. It can help you get off the starting line.

Also, regular exercise, meditation, healthy socializing in person.