quality of errection


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ive been trying to quit porn for quite a while , i have abstained from porn usage for the past few days , i dont remember the exact count , its almost two weeks .
In the past weeks ive been having sexual encounters with my gf regularly. ive had really good erection and libido , last night i was studying for an exam and was too sleepy , one led to another and i ended up in pornhub hoping to avoid the sleep . Technically i did'n watch any porn , i just surfed through the thumbnails , clicked on a link or two and ended up closing the tab before the video started playing . I was damm proud of myself for not faping. later that ni8 i was having sex and noticed a huge decline in the quality of my errection . I had to keep touchung to keep it up. i did'nt last long . even the slightest interaction with porn seem to have a noticable effect.
i had an errection while surfing pornhub and my brain seem to have registered the high dopamine levels and later when i was trying to actually have sex the normal levels of dopamine dose'nt seem to be enoufgh. all this is just bro science and does not have any scientific support , i ive read some journals where simillar experiences were shared.