Live for love, not for culpability

I haven't come here for a long time. I want to share with you some insights and what I realized.
During my journey toward freedom, I understood that P itself isn't a problem. Yes, you read me right.
It becomes a problem, when you start victimizing yourself because you watched it.
I think that counting days is the worst thing for getting over this behavior. When you count, you unconsciously say that your mental health equals the days without P.
Counting days reinforces the idea that you have an addiction. Therefore that you are an addict.
Who are you? A person that provides value to others? Or an addict searching for an escape?
I think healing from an addiction is choosing your identity and reconnecting with your emotions.
An addictive behavior starts with pleasure and progress towards pain. It's your choice to start the life you want.
Being low isn't a reason to fall even deeper.