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After being gone awhile I thought I would pop back on. My job has become a lot more demanding with more responsibility. It is a not for profit and I have been grant writing and number crunching. It is good to be back. It is interesting to read through the posts in my absence. Congrats to Joe Panic on getting to the end of his journey. Sorry to disappoint but this name Gracie is the only name I have ever used in all the forums and sites I have been on. GBS congrats you are a saint giving your wife the space she needs we wives all recover in different ways and different speeds. It is great to see all the people in recovery here. I hope you all succeed. Any partners reading this, feel free to hop on. I have been contacted by a few people in messages which is great.


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I echo the mighty @Jlied in welcoming you back. The absence of partners regularly posting on here has been this site’s one failing in the last 6 months. And thanks for your kind comments….I am no saint, that’s for sure.