It took me 7 years to quit. Today I'm stronger than ever.


Hi all.

At one point I was posting frequently on this forum (but under another account) and even more so over at Your Brain Rebalanced. I have conquered BOTH porn addiction as well as PIED. But if I remember correctly I never posted a real, official, success story.

Since I have a YouTube channel I posted a Success story in video format a good while back, and I thought I might as well share it here.

What finally got me to become better at rebooting was learning how important it is to plan in advance for what to do in the heat of the moment. And that, if we leave it to try to come up with something smart right then and there, in the heat of the moment, we are indeed fighting a losing battle. And for me the key factors was to not only plan in advance, but also rehearse / practice that plan. Even when not having urges.

Anyway, for those whom might be interested, here is my success story...

And since someone is always asking, my name is "Scandinavian Bob" over att YouTube.
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