No PMO Guide


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Here is my 'no pmo guide'. It's a list with resources, which can be used during your reboot. It contains information on techniques to help build a mindset on stopping pmo. If you want, you can also use it as a challenge or daily guide (doing 1-4 links per day), by reading/watching the resources in this given order:
1Easypeasy read online
2Information on neuroplasticity and the balance in your brain
3QuitByHealing's Spartan Mode
4Cold shower benefits
5Meditation 101
6Short meditation (5 minutes focused)
7YBOP article: effects on mental health
8Urges control, by Smart Recovery
9Urge surfing basics
10Morning routine
11Stoic principles
12Information on dopamine and drive
13Vipassana = open awareness = mindfulness meditation = urge surfingVipassana Meditation Benefits, Techniques, How-To (
14Meditation 10 minutes
15Science on urge control
16Urge surfing advanced
17Neuroscientist on habits
18Neurochemistry and Wim Hof
19Wim Hof introduction
20Wim Hof breathing dangers
21Wim Hof + Huberman
22Guided Wim Hof breathing
23Plato´s cave
24Cold shower therapy
25Cold shower benefits
26Cold shower results
27The Flying Eagle Method
28The great porn experiment (light visual triggers)
29Dr. Joe Dispenza more information
30Understanding brainwaves
31Binaural beats meditation (earplugs or headphones needed)
32Return dopamine to baseline
33Huberman dopamine
34Huberman on porn addiction
35The effects of exercise on the brain
36A healthy mindset
37Follow pursuit, not the end-goal
38Lifestyle advice
39Morning routine extra
40Overcoming obstacles
41Recharge your brain correctly
42Jordan Peterson on disagreements
43No more mindless scrolling
44Dopamine detox = only from natural sources
45Self Worth Theory
46Bad effects of pmo
47Correlation to violence and dehumanization
48The Narcissistic Bubble
49The rabbit hole of pmo
50Dehumanization effect
51Someone's story
52Effects visible on brain scans
53Top 10 relapse prevention skills
54Red X technique and other techniques

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