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So it has been just over 6 years since I attempted in Ernst to give up porn. I can now say I feel successful. There has been many ups and downs along the way both inside Rebootnation and outside of it. My reasons for giving it up were mine and mine alone. I did not do it for my wife my kids my friends or society, i did it strictly for myself. I first discovered porn around 1984 at the age of 13. The typical route.... magazines, than my dads "vhs" collection of porn movies (his collection was massive) than renting my own and finally all the free stuff online. 33 years before figuring I should quit. than 6 years of struggling to quit. The experience here was anything but easy. Having to admit crash after crash and starting over. Hearing other fella's crashing the same way and struggling to start over. Seeing so many fella's come and than just disappear never to be heard from again. And finally the guilt trips poured on by a few of the partners. It seems porn addiction is the only addiction where guilt trips like this take place. One would never lay guilt trips onto someone in the middle of a heroin or meth detox, One would never insist that handing out relationship advice is an integral part of drug detox. All that stuff comes later. but in porn detox I feel it was pushed on me by a few people with their own agenda. Well I certainly beat that problem too.

No one other than members of this website knew I was a porn addict. My wife knew i surfed it and couldn't care less. She just didn't know I was an addict and I felt it important to keep that fact to myself. Moving forward no one I know will ever know I was a porn addict. Its all history now and a history i soon intend to forget. I don't expect others to understand or agree with me on this but it was my addiction alone. It affected no one else but me. So I chose to fight it alone.

As for advice to give toothers I'm not sure I have much. Do what feels right to you. Take your time and work out a plan learn all you can. Listen to others but filter out that which you do not believe to be helpful. You know your life and the reasons you became a porn addict better than anyone else will ever know. There are going to be ups and downs successes and failures. In the end the line of recovery is anything but straight

I honestly thought I would feel more fanfare here but with the site somewhat closed to new members I guess this is it

Good luck and Godspeed



There are going to be ups and downs successes and failures. In the end the line of recovery is anything but straight
Great quote from @joepanic here. I'm going to use this one when talking about addiction and recovery going forward.