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Great that you found YBoP and this forum. Good men here dealing with various degrees of PMO addiction. Most of us have some common thread but different reasons why we are battling to rid our lives of porn.

I think if you keep your journal and interact with others you will find this a very helpful tool!

All the best.


Hey Elliot, keep it up, you're on the right path. I was similar to you, very addicted to porn, so much so that it became my only way to test my virility. When I'd be wiht a girl, I'd have porn running through my brain, couldn't get it to stop, it was horrible. Then my sex started getting worse, as someone who's prided himself on sexual virility and being able to last and stay hard, my erections just got buggy. Sometimes they'd be there, sometimes I'd completely lose them, which led to terrible anxiety.

Things finally came to a head when I was with this very sexy girl, and I just couldn't stay hard. She was nice but  disappointed, and I was devestated. I was going to see a sex counselor (at $150/hr!) and got lucky and found this site. I stopped PMO cold turkey, and haven't missed it at all. I'm good about cutting things out of my life that are bad, and P is horrible for your mind and body.

I'm on day 8 or so of my reboot, and I've had some good erections, though not hear what I'm used to. I hope it comes back though later, when my brain is completely rebooted. Good luck to you tho, I'm right there with you, and I'm seeing improvement.
Good stuff! Just the realization that its porns fault is huge! For me it was affecting other parts of my life that I didn't realize. Maybe you might find yourself achieving more or feeling better in other parts as well.

Keep it up!