I can't do it anymore


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I need help. I thought I could stop by myself and fight off the temptation to flap and watch P on my own. The truth is that this has been the hardest thing. not being able to share this problem with anyone close to me has made it that much harder. I tried to stop watching P mid january and for the most part i was able to keep away. lately it has been very difficult because it seems that everything is a trigger. please help.


I think you found a good place to start, my man. You're in good company.

I too was locked up on an island with no where to turn. Fortunately, I now have a couple of close friends through our church who are walking through the same fire. I consider this forum to be a place to be honest and open while getting positive feedback and encouragement to fight the good fight.

Spend time reading through the mountains of info on these sites. It has helped me get the right frame of mind to tackle the problem. Not that I have much clean time to brag about yet, but I'll get there!

I'm praying for you to lock in and be successful in this thing!
Welcome!  I think this forum is a great place to start.  Right now, this forum is all I have too, however I have found the social support on this forum to be very empowering!  I have no one to talk to in real life, but I'm being as honest and as real as I can on this forum.

You can do this!

I know everyone is different, so what works for me might not work for you.  With that said, setting a small and manageable goal really works for me.  Using the tracker below also makes my goal more visual for me which gives me motivation.  I don't know if it will work for you, but consider it.  I will also pray for you. 

Please keep updating us on your progress, even if you relapse, relapse is part of recovery and you'll learn from it.  Just keep going! 


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I agree with the advice to get a counter, mine helped me through some difficult PMO risky times.

I personally have an unconventional method of phasing out PMO, and while I haven't PMO'ed in over three weeks, I have MO'ed within the last week, though I am now phasing this out too (as was the plan all along). If you do get stuck, you could consider trying my method, especially if you think you are more addicted to masturbation than porn. To determine this, a good question would be what is your ration of fap to sex and porn to non-porn fap? For me, I have hardly ever had sex and have used porn for a while, but fapped without it through my adolescence. So I've done a lot of fapping without porn and therefore could well be addicted to fapping alone, I would say, based on my history. I therefore think that it is unsurprising that I am about equally addicted to fapping as porn, or so it seems to me through my reboot experience.

Apart from reading other stuff on this site, as recommended, you could try Noah's book Wack and/or you could get other self help books like one on willpower, for example. Noah recommends "The willpower instinct" by Kelly McGonagal.

Whatever path you choose, good luck and keep trying.


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Welcome to the forum dukejm02! It sounds to me like you're definitely in the right place. The good thing is that you won't need to do this alone anymore. We can help each other to kick this shit one day at a time! I totally relate to finding it difficult to share with others about having this addiction. It's gotta be the least socially acceptable.. coming here and asking for help is the first step towards honesty and breaking out of that dammed awful isolation that accompanies porn addiction. Keep coming back and checking in! It helps the rest of stay porn free!