Eye issues Do you have this?

I was doing M from 15 years,wen i reached my age of 18 i got ed.
but today i wanted to clarify one thing

at the age of 18 when i got Ed same time i also got OCD and one strange eye issue
its like i cant focus with one target
i get gittiness , if i enter mob area or if i get sudden shocking incedent my eyes used to lose sync with brain
eye doctors told no issues with eyes
no medicines could solve this.
now am used to this but still due to lack of focus i have lost race in education and proffesional life.


I had similar thing, was sure that I'd definitely need glasses but the optician said my eyes were perfect, after quitting PMO I've had absolutely no problems. This is just me however and you may be different, the best advice would be to carry on with no PMO and see if it improves.
Did you struggle like me when explaining this issue to Doctor?
Bro..i did not know only whats going on and why? god saved me by sending your reply.Thanks a lot.