Why Morning wood disappeared? please say

Am in 180th day of Rebooting after 20 years of chronic masterbuation followed by 10 years of ED
Now am in horrible flatline  . My flatline stared even before rebooting .many years before , still i did M as a addiction.
Now my doubt is i used to get morning wood after few days of rebooting but Now it stopped coming .
Why so? please analyse this issue of mine.
Hi Bro thank you,
my problem is i had no errection and visual stimulation for real women even before my rebooting means from past 6-7 years i was doing daily M so not at all bothered of Errection for real women , allways had shrinked pennis.
So now with rebooting time if i do fantacy i get errection but not for real women even now.
what can be done?
i dont fantacy much as it is not good for rebooting.
fear is will i ever get turn on for real life women?


yes you will.
just hang on there in reboot.
leave porn and masturbation for ever.
find a women
you will be fine.