Arousal and Erection are diferent issues, why no arousal for me?

Why i dont get arousal by allmost all hot girls, posters, pics, porn?

but i get aroused during sexting !!!1

from where i should start fixing ?


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Because after so many years your brain is simply no longer excited by boring old posters, pics and porn, it is similar to the "Coolidge Effect" where something that was once exciting and arousing is now boring. You don't get aroused by real girls because your brain is wired to pixels, to become aroused by real girls you will need to retrain your brain to the real world by rewiring with a partner. You need to start by avoiding all forms of artificial sexual stimulation i.e porn, hot girl pictures and erotic stories, unfortunately no one can tell you how long it will take to undo the damage so all we can do is abstain from porn and rewire for as long as it takes. Best of luck.