Rise and Shine


My name is Matthew. I'm addicted to PMO, and I've realized it for a couple of years. Only recently have I started taking action to make real changes. I'm not happy with myself right now and I want to beat this thing.

I also want to give as much as I can. This is my ___ attempt. Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over again and expecting different results. Allen Carr said that when quitting something stick to two rules: 1) Choose the day you quit and stick to it no matter what, and 2) whenever confronted with the opportunity to fulfil your addiction, mentally celebrate that you're actually not fulfilling it.

I'm looking for to be someone's accountable partner, hit me up if you're looking for one to hold you
accountable to your goals.


keep trying again and again.
lots of failures leads to success.


Hey mtaha2015, thanks for the words of encouragement, I see you're almost half way on your objective, keep it up brother. You keep it up and I'll keep it up until you're done your objective.

I've been pretty busy this last week, I wanted to post some more, I had to move 4 people, just got a new position in my job which I have no idea how to do, school is starting soon and all my friends want to go out for a beer.

Last Tuesday I went out for a beer or six, I ended up with this girl back in my apartment. This was the first time I've had a girl in my place in a couple of months lol, we fooled around but I didn't want to continue when she was reaching for me. I'm not sure if I was saying "no" out of my devotion to this no PMO for a year or if I was just scared of suffering another porn induced ED.

I'm okay now that I'm busy but I feel the urge soon surfacing. I know it's there lurking for the perfect moment to rise. I'm preparing myself for it's first attack. More to follow ...


I think that there is some sort of isolation process needed in the first month or two. You cannot be tempted by having a gf or gaming or going out on dates. There has to be a cold process where your body receives signals that there is no sexual activity going on for awhile.

It's as if your radiator is heating to a point being its normal capacity. In order to rectify the over heated radiator, you immediately shut the car down to start a quick cooling process.

The same thing must apply here.

I've been online with OkCupid and Tinder, even going on some dates, despite having re-restarted recently. I find that there's no point, because given a little flirting, a beer or two here, all the signals and anchors will have activated in the brain to put you in front of your computer, at night, amped up and ready to spit on your vow of no PMO and satisfy the moment that controls you.

This is one of those nights and instead of PMOing I decided to write a post. I think this is a small win.


Little negative update: It's been awhile I've PMO'ed let alone M'ed. I was pretty jittery at the library, I think my brain was sending me signals trying to get me to go watch some porn. I was trying to study but I kept getting distracted with thoughts of sex. There was this really attractive girl sitting in front of me at the library.

Although I tried to keep my mind in my studies something set my triggers off. I went home and M'ed, no usage of P though.

I'm trying to brush it off and see the positive aspect that I at least didn't watch anything, but I am still trying to figure out what my triggers were in that moment and how to channel that feeling of horniness into something more productive (other than sitting down and studying or eating or going to play video games).