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Warning triggers here!                                                                                                                          Update 16-9-2015 22:40 next update 20-9-2015 17:55

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The temptation is too strong when I know I could just watch porn by clicking my mouse within seconds. No wonder it is hard to stop PMO (porn, masturbation and orgasm). So I had to shut down everything on my pc as much as possible!

It took me at least half a year to record every bypassing way and how to deal with it. My steps may seems weird but I assure you, this will work!

Although I PMO today, I just forgot to install a second filter on my second notebook while I was writing this treat :p. I was only able to watch images.

I will prove you guys how effective these steps are in rebooting. Watch my counter, mark my words! :)

I think to block porn is STEP 0 in rebooting!! Unless you got a strong will power, you have to block porn as much as possible!!

Let?s make it as hard as possible for the mind to get access to porn. When the mind is lazy and bypassing filters takes time, the chance is that you are going to give up searching any further. I am talking about experience with k9 filter. As an addict, it took me sometimes almost 3 hours to try to bypass the filter. Now I finally made it to block this shit!

You see, when it takes at least 15 minutes for you to stay away from P, big chance you are getting back to your senses and stop yourself in time.

This might take a day to install, test out and even get you into relapse. Might be frustrating but trust me, if you get this thing right, you won?t be able to watch any porn. At least it will make it much more difficult for you to watch porn.

Here we go

Step 1:

Install k9 but do not use your own email dress! Because in k9, you are still able to send a new password to your email!

Please create a new email account (Hotmail) with a password number like 128394. When you have to enter your email address during register, use 10 minute mail just to activate your new email account. 10 minute mail will temporary give you an email account for just 10 minutes! After 10 minutes, the email will be gone forever.

Now please write down your new email name with password on a piece of paper and install k9. Create a password number for k9 and also write it down.

After installing, please put the protection settings on the highest rate! (which also might block streaming video's) If you do not put it on the highest rate, you will be able to still watch P or bypass the filter.

You have to give in to get what you really want I believe. This step is very important but a hard pill to swallow.

It is possible to add websites on the block list without logging into k9 web administration. Please read the instruction how to do this when you log into k9. (keep in mind this will not always work and you might need to click many times). With this handy tool, when you do find link which triggers you, you have the choice to immediately add it to the block list. Don't hesitate but do it within seconds!

Make a white list to make sure k9 is not blocking it. For instance, add rebootnation and yourbrainbalanced in the white list.

Type in words in the block words list like ?naked? ?bikini? ?lingerie??yoga?. K9 will block every word you type in the search engine.

*Make sure to type in ?k9? too in the block words list, because this will prevent you to bypass k9 when you want to try to type in a search engine how to remove the software. (according to k9, without the password, removing k9 is not possible.)

Make sure you are able to access k9 web administration by adding the link to the white list. The link is a number I think and put the link in your bookmark favorite. (please try this out if it works, I haven?t tried it out because I lost my password)

Check k9 filter, go to google images and see if you can watch hardcore images. k9 should be able to block images, if not then mail me for setting change in your pc. If setting change do not work, then you should add google to block list. Because of https, blocking google was a pain in the ass for me.

Check other search engines for images like yahoo, wow, bing, yandex, dogpile, ixquick, and more.

I recommend to put all search engines into the black list except for www.duckduckgo.com! Duckduckgo is a good anonymous search engine and it will make it harder for you to find any porn website to bypass. Without other search engines, how are you gonna be able to find any new porn links or porn image? Also most search engines does show hardcore image, see for yourself.

You should block the following websites in my opinion, youtube, dailymotion, pinterest, photobuncket, facebook. Please add your own black list. K9 does have a beta version for youtube and maybe facebook but it did not worked for me.

I would say, block any page which let you see photo?s of babes. Like yoga video's and stuff like that which might trigger you in the future. Also online dating sites I would recommend to block. I blocked most streaming video websites. When you feel cravings, a simple picture of a hot women not naked, might get you back into PMO.

If you know websites to download P movies, k9 should be able to block it. If not than you should add it to the block list my friend.

Step 2

Please install a second filter Qustodio!!! Very important step and follow the instructions. Use your new email account to register.

The second filter is important because it will block websites when k9 fails. Also the second filter will make it more difficult to bypass. You will need more time to bypass 2 filters.

For instance, when you type in porn in a search engine, Qustodio will block your search results.

Make sure you put the Qustodio administration page on the white list and add to bookmark. Put the word qustodio in k9 blocking words list. Now k9 will block any page which explains how to remove the software if possible.

Now try and see if the filters are working and add every website on the black list.

Step 3

If you think you have done enough testing, please send the k9 password and your new email account name with password to a family member, friend or someone on this forum like me. Erase your password numbers you wrote down. You could also use www.lettermelater.com. But it is not very effective when you need the password right now.

Whenever you do find another trigger website, ask the password and when you received it, add the link to the black list and immediately delete your email. (check again if email is deleted)

Step 4

Make sure you put the filter k9 on your mobile phone, Ipad, notebook and any other device where you stay! Repeat the whole process above if necessary. For notebooks I recommend to also install Qustodio filter.

See your filter as your buddy to help heal yourself. Please add suggestions if you would like to and help make k9 stronger, by sending them not rated websites. Feel free to ask any questions! Although I am not often online. Good luck and please comment to let me know if it works for you too!

Now you are free to go! ;)


I installed noscript, see https://noscript.net/

Not only can you hide while surfing the net, noscript also blocks streaming video?s. A person have to click to allow a page to play. This also takes time, you might need these couple of seconds when reconsidering watching a video.

I also use Ghostery which sometimes helps I think. Ghostery blocks trackers, perhaps P trackers.

What if I don't want to install K9 because of someone else?

If you are still living with your parents or you are living with someone else you don't want to let them know about your addictions, you could buy a private computer like a notebook.
Ask your parents, friends or your partner to put a password on the pc. You could tell them you are addicted to something else like gaming or watching youtube video's. Or you can of course make another account on the same computer from your parents.

Now asking them to create a password so you will not be able to log into theirs, is kinda tricky without giving in. I am sure you will find a way to convince them if you would like to follow this. Good luck!



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Surprised no one commented. This is probably the most useful page on the site. I have bypassed k9 many times which has led me to further settings changes. I could write pages about this but i will keep it short. The youtube settings which apparently blocks adult content via k9 as you stated does NOT work. I can literally find porn videos through watching old italian movies... there are women doing yoga in thongs etc. I personally haven't blocked youtube due to getting very bored without it... BUT one thing that has helped me a ton from cravings etc is disabling images on sites I enter into my google chrome settings.
Settings --->  Advanced settings -- content settings ---> Images and then 'manage exceptions'  and enter X website and select the drop down menu block. This will remove triggers... but of course it won't stop you from clicking on videos etc... but you'd be supprised how much going on sites like facebook and youtube can trigger you.