Forever low Testosterone now a new tension.

Hello ,
I Am in 300 plus days of no fap, but even now i am in flatline, even i have ED.
from one year doctors checking my testosterone its around 2.06 and when they give injection and caps i get normal , but again after some time coming down , what is the reason for it? now doctors are thinking for scrotal dopler test to figure out the reasons, please help me what to do?
Hi dreampulse,
What kind of lifestyle do you live? Do you exercise much? What's your diet like? I know a lot of people struggle with testosterone  because of their lifestyle. There a ton of things you can do to help boost your testosterone naturally, such as exercise like lifting weights, having a healthy diet,  getting good quality sleep, and avoiding alcohol and drugs. If you want to know more this article can give you some good information:
Remember knowledge is power.
I am software professional, i eat normal food , my sleep is good except morning disturbances, and i do play badminton daily, but from 10 years am suffering from flatline and from last year i started checking blood and realised T is not normal.