1 Year of Rebooting still ED but some gain some pain .

I did M for 22 Long years from my age of 6-7 to 28 .
when i was 17 , one day during M i could not reach top , a pannic attack of being Impotent rocked my brain . And that was last , i never got normal erection by visualizing .
Still i continued M without erection till i reach 28, also i must agree i was in flatline all these years of M without erection.
Last year i met doctor , dopler test indicated venous damage, i had surgery for it.Also i stopped M, and started rebooting .
still no erection , no mood.
again test shown Low Testosterone , Low LH ,FSH , no morning erection.
today i completed one year of no fapping.

fantacy is increased , wet dreams  came back in this one year.

seeing hot girls i am not getting erection even now.
but fantacy give me erection now.
sexting also some time gives me full erection .

but according to law of rebooting i must stop fantacy and chatting .

planning to launch fresh hard more reboot from this minute, also should introduce Yoga .

Focus is bringing my testosterone level to normal .so that my mood may come back and erection may start happening .

"when you are in dark keep walking "


you masturbated for 10 years without erection. you didnt watched porn or anything?

if fantasy or sexting gives you full erection thats a good sign of PIED.

launch that hard mode if not already. hard mode is the best and quickest mode. no PMO, no MO, no O (except wet dreams), no fantasy (except wet dreams) and no artificial stimulation.

if you never had sex you need to rewire (touching, kissing, cuddling, hugging, real sex....) with real girl or girls. even if you had, sounds like you need to rewire anyway. its fun thing to do  :)

no in last 10 years i had flatline, so i never watched porn , just as an addict i continued M.
Sexting and fantacy for only my loved girl gives me erection .
morning erection is even now missing .


yeah it doesnt have to be actual erotic videos, it could be stories, pictures, sexting, fantasy, anything that is not involving a real girl is artificial stimulation and if you overdo it you end up as a porn addict.

its not about what you do its about what happens in the brain. seems strange that you went that far with only masturbation and fantasy. i was able to fantasize and get my shot that way too but over longer period of time i chose porn.

you even checked yourself with the doctor, you are good, just go hard mode and keep learning about addiction and benefits of nofap.
Ya got it, started hard mode
am worried of my LH FSH hormone low, and Low testosterone, and missing morning wood.
actually a shock snatched my erection that day and it all bagan that day. Todays medical reports telling all low blood supply to penis, low FH,FSH .Low T.


LH FSH QWERTY i dont know what you are talking about, not really into hormones and medicine.

if you have any physical problem, deal with it appropriately. there might be guys who damaged their penis by constant heavy use of porn/masturbation. that should be even bigger reason to stop.

relax, i think if you keep yourself off any artificial stimulation and do what is necessary to deal with physical aspect of your problem (if there is any), you will be fine.

rewire with real girls, talking with eye contact with girls or holding a hand can be part of rewiring. do as much as you can. dont worry about morning wood, if you can get it up to fantasy you are PIED and it will pass with time.