I am sorry I am impatient. I am just terrified I will never recover.

I started with porn at 15-16 years old. I went cold turkey because I just hate the way I am always checking women out and thinking of sex. I am 30 now and have been away form porn for about 2 months. While on porn I was able to get an erection and have sex with my partner as much as I wanted to. On occasion I would lose the erection but about 60% of the time I would actually achieve ejaculation. Since I have been off from porn my libido has just gone dead. I can barely get an erection at all, and I seem to have no desire for sex what-so-ever! I haven't been masturbating and I haven't been watching porn; I have been away from most sexual stimuli except for my partner. In the past two months I have been able to achieve erection 3 times. One time I lost it, the other two times I achieved ejaculation. Now there is a tingling in the head and base of my penis that I have never felt before and I am worried I have damaged myself permanently. I am also experiencing unbeatable bouts of depression now that I have given up porn. Will someone please help me? Have I caused irreparable damage? Can I get over this? Can someone give me a step-by-step instruction so that I don't have to do this on my own?



I dont have step by step instructions :)

Sounds to me you are very anxious. This anxiousness could be masking the progress you are making by causing similar problems. Your body just needs time to catch up with the great decision you have made. Look at the positives, stick with the plan and try not to worry about it. Everyone is different with the time scale and I don't imaging when I reach 90days I will be 100% recovered. Just don't change your decision to quit porn and keep posting.