After one year am relapsing and its hell

After one year of fully dedicated PMO
new hot girl whom i met started sexting and i just changed position on bed during chat and erection increased and i had to loose.
same scenario repeated for 4 times in a row.
Its an unexpected challenge, other than this i donbt do M as addiction like before.
but feeling hell for this relapse, please make me fit again:(
after 20 years of addictive M , i got ED
so started rebooting
erection not came back fully for visual stimulation but sexting was giving erection but i stopped it as its against rebooting
but this new girl made me start sexting .and i had to ejaculate due to increased erection and bed touch there.
now my focus is stopping sexting and restarting hard mode reboot.
I had ED with my last girlfirend. I didnt stopp watching porn, i wasnt aware of porn addiction. But i got my boner back after 4 weeks trying to have sex with her. At the beginning i couldnt orgasm, but soon everything became pretty normal.
The whole story is that i was fapping and having sex a lot.
I guess the only thing you can do is going cold turkey.