Giving up Facebook for Lent! And Im not even Catholic!


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I'm a Christian guy ( pentecostal- ie. not catholic) but I still like the practice of lent season. I am 10 days into my reboot and this is the longest I've had all 2016 so far, im trying to go the entire month of Feb as a takeoff ( see Fap-Free Feb topic) and I have noticed that Facebook is just a massive landmine of triggering material for me. Not only what pops up on my newsfeed but also just the rabbithole that exists, clicking from hot friend of a friend of a friend to the next without realizing it. It'll help me to live my own life at my own pace and focus on the living, breathing people actually present around me ( hrmm kinda like the goal of Rebooting anyways)

So I encourage rebooters out there , if you practice lent and cant find something to give up, i suggest facebook ! a friend of mine who did told me he doesnt regret it and life becomes a lot richer without it.
Can't say I practice lent, but not only did I block Facebook on my laptop, I deleted the FB app off my phone. Personally, it's been a great help to me, for a variety of reasons not necessarily connected with Porn addiction or triggers, but it eliminated a good chunk of artificial stimuli from my life, which is always welcome.


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I use a program called 'Cold Turkey' to block Facebook on my work laptop, as I realised I was wasting hours and hours on it, and not having anything good to show for it. For me, it didn't trigger any thoughts of porn, but I knew it was a stupid thing to do. I would hate to look back on a year of my life and realise I'd scrolled through 30 hours of it.

I limit myself to 20 mins Facebook when eating my lunch, in another room on another PC. I didn't miss it, sometimes I go for a week and don't even care. I end up watching electronics/metalworking videos on YouTube so I feel slightly educated. I set a timer so I can't sit there accidentally, after finishing eating.

It is nice to see what friends are doing, but Facebook encourages you to view your computer as a tool to present endless novelty. You get into a habit of expecting something new every time you sit down in front if it. I must get myself to think of it as a tool to achieve stuff!

I believe Twitter/Instagram are equally troublesome.


Good for you man.

I permanently quit facebook about 4 months ago and I'm never going back. I hate it with a passion lol life feels a lot more real without it.. It used to stress me the hell out. It's very negative in nature and harmful in my honest opinion. It's called a ''social media site'' yet it ruined my social life more then anything.