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Day 15. 2 weeks free!!! It has been quite tricky with the lows and downs. Yesterday cravings were quite strong, but i choosed to stay focused and commited to my goal and reviewing the improvements that quiting porn offers. Final tests had arrived so i'm on my way to vacations! I Wish success to everybody this week! Stay strong guys.
We need to deal with both habits and healing, both can occur simultaneously but should never be conflated nor confused. One is not necessarily the other, but each depend on the other.
Manzil milegi, Bhatak kar hi sahi....
Gumraah toh woh hain, jo ghar se nikle hi nahin...
~ Mirza Ghalib

Rough Translation - You will definitely find your destination, even if you get lost or roam around for a while... The ones who are actually lost, are the ones who never even left their homes...
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Day 12. Checkpoint reached. I'm studying hard for final tests, but in a regime that allows me to relax in order to decrease stress and anxiety. Today i will play soccer with some friends that haven't seen since the pandemic so i'm happy for that. Feeling energized and happy. Day 14th i'm coming for you!
Day 13: my testosterone isnt great, I'm in a constant state of anxiety and I feel like I have ruined my life. I dont know what to do. I am trying to move forward but depression and anxiety crushes me. I want to be happy. I want this PIED fixed.
Know the feels bro. Talking with a good friend or with your accountability partner (if you have) helps a lot. Just want to tell you that this feeling is temporal and we will shine again! Keep pushing.
Day 10. Feeling small cravings. Last time i got myself to this day cravings started to build up so I'm more aware of that in order to take inmediate action if they go sky high. On the other hand i feel quite energized although with low needs to socialize and low on motivation... guess it's part of flatlining? Anyway i'm on my way to day 14+ last checkpoint was 12days. Wish succes to all of you this week :D.
Day 8. Last week felt like shit. I'm really stressed by college. Feel so lonely and absolutely unmotivated. However i'm commited to get day 14+ Have to tell myself that this is temporal so i can get through. 1, here we go.......
This is going to take a whole new mission, a whole new level of commitment that has to supersede everything else.

Feel free to reach out and chat if you need to, God knows I'm going to, and if you're in Cape Town, South Africa - drop me a line at [email protected], and let's work through this shite together.
Day 14 - Two weeks. It feels great. I've been very occupied (I visited a town with some friends from work this week-end) and haven't faced any urges yet. I have to start preparing myself for when they will come, tomorrow I will start getting myself to meditate regularly and also practice self-talk. I still feel energized and sociable.
Dil na-ummeed to nahi nakaam hi to hai, lambi hai ghum ki shaam magar shaam hi to hai. ~Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

In Urdu -
دل نہ امید تو نہیں، ناکام ہی تو ہے
لمبی ہے غم کی شام ،مگرشام ہی تو ہے

Translation- The heart isn't hopeless, it's just disappointed, lengthy are my evening grieves but at the end it's just an evening.
Day 5. No presentation of urges, maybe because it is a very busy week and i'm thinking about how to deal with my college activities. 2 weeks for final exams.
Let's keep this up!
Day 10 - No urges yet, I'm staying occupied all the time, working at my internship, working out, seeing friends in the evenings. I've never been so sociable and so comfortable speaking to people and especially girls. It's like I'm showing my true self to people now. I'm enjoying the small moments more. However I do feel smaller bursts of energy than at the beginning of this streak.
Day 2. Did some unnecessary search on wikipedia and one thing lead to another and i found myself looking for P*** again. Goal was reach day 14th and then further. Got frustrated, but reflected on it and stablished a strategy to deal with this issues.
Good day brothers i have a question here, how do we deal with our emotions especially the negative ones because sometimes I slip and relapse because of negative emotions?