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    Nick 2.0

    Day 95 today and nothing huge to report ... just staying on the path and feeling a little bit stronger every day. Will do some deep reflection on my 100 days when I pull into that port 5 days from now. Keep strong everyone.
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    How Shall We Escape?

    Hey Phineas - just wanted to say congrats on your day 50 and the awesome perspective you have of what "a man in control of himself looks like". Your posts are always so encouraging and I am very grateful for your thoughtful contributions. Keep it up - you walk in a place we would all like to...
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    Nick 2.0

    Onto day 94 and things are pretty much stable, positive and committed to the "never again" mantra from Easy Peasy. Regular hourly time outs to breathe and meditate to stay grounded are welcome and re-enforcing ... adding to my sense of being 100% in control of my actions. Will continue to see...
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    Nick 2.0

    Day 93 in progress and these last few days have been going really well ... pretty much no triggering thoughts rattling around in my brain or any time spent day dreaming about porn / past triggers. I started a few days ago to be a bit more "mechanical" about taking a few minutes to step back...
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    When you believe in magic

    Hey Hugo congrats and what a terrific summary of your perspective on your last 5 months! Its so amazing to hear how you progressed and how you now see the world (and women) and, on a personal note, paints a very clear picture for what I still have to conquer on my own journey. Really...
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    Nick 2.0

    OK day 91 underway. Things are calm, grounded and beautiful as I start my day and write this entry. I am trying an experiment today to use my alarm to chime regularly (I will shoot for every hour) to step back, breathe and be fully present. I have found that when I can regularly come back to...
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    Nick 2.0

    Got up early today (day 90) and am feeling really at peace and blessed to be on this recovery journey which has been so much different and better than the million other attempts I have made to stop ... and so grateful I don't have to do this alone. Reading everyone's journals provides strength...
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    A Porn Story

    You're doing awesome Cool Breeze - nice momentum (and I also liked your reference to the quote from the movie Aliens ;))! Take care.
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    Nick 2.0

    Day 89 and ... I am starting to feel stronger each day now physically as I recover from some recent surgery ... and with that growing strength I find I am wanting to really sink my teeth into my evolving porn free lifestyle. I'm feeling like I have been given a second chance in a sense, so I...
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    This has to stop. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength

    Hey Jerry, awesome to hear about our success! You are now just 1 week away from 100 ... how cool is that. Stay the course and enjoy.
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    Nick 2.0

    Day 88 and steady sailing as I feel quite great - both in my physical rehab post surgery and mental rehab as I close in on 100. Feeling good about starting to forget about my old triggers and routines as new positive patterns take hold. Enjoy!
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    My journey to be a better man.

    Awesome job Guitar ... what a great 90 days. I think you also have the right mindset as you look ahead and start to think about other related areas to work on ... my guess is there are layers to conquer as we continue on our respective journeys. Congrats and good luck.
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    Nick 2.0

    86 days in and actually enjoying my at home recovery time. Feeling no urges these days - perhaps because I am tuned into recovery mode or maybe I'm just hitting some smooth sailing ... but I am feeling of late that I can sustain this renewed / reshifted focus and make it my new lifestyle of...
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    Nick 2.0

    Day 85. Feeling tired as I recover from some recent surgery but also very balanced as it has forced me to keep things very simple these next few weeks as I bounce back. Probably works out great to finish my 100 days strong as I am fairly limited in my mobility :).
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    To much, For to little, For to long.

    Hey Kelvis welcome and know that you are among friends (brothers in arms) here in this place. Leave all shame at the door and I hope today marks the day that you truly begin your journey to a porn free life. Stay strong.