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  • Day 2

    Seems that i had to talk a lot of stuff with someone. Felt a lot better after that. Seems that i am in a stuck point with my self-development. Trying to figure out new strats. New approach: instead of saying don't do it i'll say go for it if you want. Seems to take off the pressure of relapsing decreasing the anxiety which by now seems to be working.
    Day 0

    It's been a while since last wrote here. Had an awesome start in june, but in the last 2 months i've only been able to reach 4 days. Today i relapsed 5 times. I think i have to be back to basics.
    (C2) So I have been praying all nights before sleeping. Let's see how it goes, just focusing on the day. Success to all of you this week!
    (C) This was because of a video I saw that reminded me how important is to get things on a balance and I've been putting too much weight in one aspect of my life wich caused constant relapses. Also I've decided to improve my spiritual part. I've had a hard time with that, but now I get that is of big importance in order to find some peace.
    Has been a while since i wrote here. Currently I'm on my way to day 4. The last month was quite unestable: I got absorbed by college. Last week i take notice that giving too much of my time to college stuff can start the cravings easly cause stress, so this week i proposed myself to dedicate at least half hour of working out with no chance of cancelling.
    Been a while since i last wrote here, college has been pretty demanding this last two weeks. Today is day 1, yesterday i had to stay in a hotel cause i was to tired to drive back home. The last guests that had been there left the TV on the porn channel so the rest is history. I won't turn on the TV in a hotel never again :LOL:. Success to all of you this week!
    Knew forgot to do something 🤦🏾‍♀
    Screwed this week streak. It was so stressfull. This semester college is demanding a lot. I have to find healthy ways to purge all of the stress. It has been a tough week. So starting again today more carefully and paying more attention to negative feelings. Those are being quick triggers for me. Wish you guys succes this week!
    Goodluck, think of stress release activities more, like reading, exercising, etc.
    Day 0 (continuation). I can't stand this. I haven't had this kind of relapses y usually go 3+ days until a relapse, but this is getting me terrified. If anybody has gone with this issue and has some advices please write a comment i would like to read. Thank you!
    Day 0. This week has been one of the strangest ones. I have relapsed every single day since sunday even though all my devices have blockers and my network has a porn filter. This week i had managed somehow to get my way into porn: (trying combinations in the net, looking for telegram/whatsapp/discord groups and even on amazon/ebay/mercadolibre.
    You can have all the blockers you want. If you're trying to find a hole, you will. Stop looking for holes. Put the device away. Walk away. Do not LET yourself fail. YOU are in control of your actions. Who is that trying to break the blockers YOU put on? Walk away. Reach out to someone. Make a plan for next time. It's hard man - I've been where you are so many times... but this time I'm not going there. You can too!
    Day 5. Last sunday i got a really weak moment and i relapsed. Talked about it with mi AP. She wanted me to write every day of how i'm feeling and specially those days were i have the urges. Every 7 days i'll have to send those and we'll discuss about it. This month hasn't been what i expected. I'm realizing that i may have to change that idealistic thinking in order to success with this.
    Day 7 (continuation). Today i'm feeling the urges, but i'm confident to get over them by taking proper action. Today i haven't done my morning routine since last night i arrive home late so i just wanted to sleep. I understand how important is this to stay into the challenge. New week is coming so time to apply the learning this week. Wish success to all of you this week!
    Day 7. I've realised how important is to have a morning routine out of social media. Since monday i've started to excersise (10x4 push ups, 10x4 V abs, 30x4 squats), talking a cold shower while listening to a psychology podcast and then having a guided meditation session for 10 minutes. The energy that i felt through all the day was awesome.
    Day 2. I've traveled for like a month in wich i reached 33 days sober. However i got distracted and too confident about myself control and ended in relapsing various times. I've arrived home for a fresh start and beat that 33 day mark. I've talked with my AP to desing and test new strategies to control urges. Again deleted all social media apps on my phone. Let's get it started.
    Day 26. Today i had wet dreams. Felt really tired in the morning, but that improved through the day. Tomorrow is the final test of one of my assingnments and thus the end of this semester. A lot to review in this month of vacation, but i'm proud i got myself here. Flatlining wasn't that hard and cravings are controlable. Improvement: I feel that my body now can take more caffeine without feeling that i'm dying lol.
    Day 24. I've been feeling quite horny lately, appart from it i feel less mentaly disturbed, energized and confident. I'm on final tests this week and i feel really tired, can't wait for vacations. Wish the best to all of you this week!
    Day 21 guys! Can't believe i made it here. This week was very hard cause i've got tempted a couple of times very hardly, however i managed to analize the source of the cravings and worked them out in a healthy way. Feeling comfortable with me, social anxiety is breaking out slowly. I feel more confident about myself and that's awesome.
    Day 17. Cravings are big today. I think they have been pushed by the stress of final tests so i'm looking for ways to manage them. I'm focused on the 30days+ so have to be careful around here. Energy is at the top and concentration has improved through the last week. I'm finding hard to sleep though. Wish the best for you all this week.
    Day 15. 2 weeks free!!! It has been quite tricky with the lows and downs. Yesterday cravings were quite strong, but i choosed to stay focused and commited to my goal and reviewing the improvements that quiting porn offers. Final tests had arrived so i'm on my way to vacations! I Wish success to everybody this week! Stay strong guys.
    Day 12. Checkpoint reached. I'm studying hard for final tests, but in a regime that allows me to relax in order to decrease stress and anxiety. Today i will play soccer with some friends that haven't seen since the pandemic so i'm happy for that. Feeling energized and happy. Day 14th i'm coming for you!
    Day 10. Feeling small cravings. Last time i got myself to this day cravings started to build up so I'm more aware of that in order to take inmediate action if they go sky high. On the other hand i feel quite energized although with low needs to socialize and low on motivation... guess it's part of flatlining? Anyway i'm on my way to day 14+ last checkpoint was 12days. Wish succes to all of you this week :D.
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