April Challenge


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fcjl8 said:
I know men that have more than a year away from M.

Those were the words which made my cravings finally stop. Other men. If they can do something as easy as this, I can do it too. Much respect for them, but I'm not here to be weaker than them. And yeah, you are right. We've all made a choice. I don't want to be the guy who does not go for what he has decided.

Thanks man. ;)

I'm back on the track. I just cleaned my flat, listening to some old tunes.


Just like that.

I had same feeling as robust, I had stronger urges than any time since I started current reboot process. I was getting deep into my fantasies and then I read wise words of fcjl8 and it made me stronger. I cannot be weaker than all y'all, I am back on the right track. Thank you guys for keeping myself in shape!

Wish you all the victory in this challenge.


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I have to admit mixed feelings regarding this challenge. it is only intended to be fun, friendly and supportive.

It's weird , whenever i took part in a monthly challenge at YBR I just loved it, but as the month wore on and I noticed names fall of and those that remained become close to the numbers of those that had left I always felt some remorse. Of course I wondered how many of those that made the month clean did so with the help of the challenge?

I kind of regret putting this one up. Maybe I feel like it was a bit of an immature impulse? See , I do love competition so I just love this type of thing, but I know I might feel more responsibility if I see a fine man fall off!!!


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I don't regard it as a competition between all of us. Of course, it's a competition against yourself (!), if you define this journey like this. But this thread/challenge is just another way to find support. And this, as you said, should be friendly and fun. There's nothing immature about this. Don't worry.

I understand that you might feel responsible. For that reason, it's good that you wrote about your worries. Everybody who looks into that thread now knows what would await him, if he joined here.


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So far 14 fine men in. I am feeling better about doing this now. I like the team spirit!


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Hey is it too late to join?
If it means anything, you have my word that it is my 4th day in no PMO,
so it is safe to say I haven't had PMO in the month of April.
Robust recommended me to this challenge, so I only found out today!

I've never held back for a month before,
I'm really not sure if I can make it,
but I'd like to try  ;D

Gabe Deem

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First challenge of the Nation? Yeaaahhhh I'm down like Charlie Brown.

Stay strong Rebooters. The reboot of a thousand days starts with the first 24 hours!


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This is a really cool group of guys! I say we keep it open as long as guys promise they haven't M'd or watched P this month!!


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Glad to read that things are moving up for you B Lebowski!!!

Hope everyone is doing well so far!


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Afraid i'm out already peoples :-[. A stressful, busy, overwhelming couple of weeks with work due all over coupled with lack of sleep/insomnia has weakened my resolve. Stress seems to have become my number one trigger over the last couple of months, and I haven't been trying hard enough to overcome it. Time to start a journal again perhaps.


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Orbiter rest in peace soldier!
I know your battle will continue somewhere else.

I'm so close to masturbation.
Insomnia is worsening by the day and the nights are unbearable (also mornings).
I think I'll manage today, but when the moon shines I'm afraid I won't be myself.
I'll grit my teeth and hold on for as long as I can.

How are y'all doing?


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Yes, Peace Orbitor...

Learn and move forward. You have a life ahead of you and you can and will get to a place that works for you.

Hang in there V, feeling an urge and giving in are two different states of being.


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WiP is in the hunt!

Sorry about Madaemosewa, just get right back on your path brother! Just a minor setback not something you can't overcome!!