My Reboot Journal - 2020


Day 2

Yesterday I had a no so bad day. I was Stressed, asthenia.

At the beginning, I was very stressed, I had an exam and it did not go very well.
I took some time to chat with a friend who really strengthened me. I then chatted with some friends to distract myself a bit.

Tomorrow, I have no exam, I will have until Monday.

In short, a day all the same spent well.
I am so engaged to realize those objectives, a month clean and why not more !

Salutations !


Day 3

Today is the third day, today I finish my second stage and I join the 3rd, to be clean for a week. I know that might not be a big deal, but it's always a pleasure to set a goal and achieve it.

The day went well. I had a rather weak temptation. When I looked at my bank statement an idea came to me "what if I could pay my P's with this money? Currently I am very careful about this so as not to succumb.
This time I won't be fooled so easily, you filthy P.

No stress, a few images (flash) but infrequent than last year, a thought of initiation, no nervous tension, good intellectual concentration, I did not go back to prayer completely even though I started (I have a few more efforts to provide)

In short, no relapse and I am very happy to start the 3rd stage. Although I do it often, I don't underestimate it.

I like this method, it allows me to see my evolution and encourages me to go further.

I feel very committed.



Hey, guys, whoever you read my journal, you can take a look to there are a lot of information about P, PMO, PIED, that can also help you.

Salutations !!


Day 4

this is the 4th day in which I am clean.

I feel in good shape, a little tired since I work hard for my exam session, I sleep very little, no PMO invitations (maybe because I am focused on reading), no dreams wet, Social contact 6/10, Concentration 6/10, Depression 0/10, Nervous tension 6/10, today morning I had a hard morning drink, I think that's how you call.

My day went well. All day long I was reading. Around noon I took a break to have a good time and chatted with a few girl friends. My diet is well balanced, I didn't have time to meditate, nor to go to church, I was too deeply into reading, I still took time to pray with my family.
Today I had an episode of intense anger since I was looking for my little phone and I could not find it.

I followed a video of the TedX organization with
Gary Wilson on the P, and it taught me a lot, it was fun and it challenged me even more!

In short, a beautiful Day that ends!

Tomorrow, I would do better to take care of my hours of personal meditations and prayers.

I think if every day I saw a bad side of my life again, in its 90 days or how many days of recovery I would gain a lot of virtues.

I think I will also economise a little part of money by day so that the day I will succeed I will buy something memorable, for what the work I am doing.

Greatings !!


Day 5

Yesterday was the 5th day. Not a very good day, really not the way I wanted it to be.

Concentration 6/10, Depression 0/10, Nervous tension 0/10, Social contact 5/10, no invitation to P, I had a few flashes (I think I now have to be more careful), my diet is correct.

Today is a new day, the 6th. I had problems in college, but I'm leaving everything in the hands of the Lord.

What matters to me, I am not far from totaling a clean week.

Greetings !!

Phineas 808

Staff member
Good efforts, Robert7M!

Good idea, tracking your other areas of life, too, as everything can be an indicator as to our commitment.



Day 6

Today is the penultimate clean day before moving on to the next step. Tomorrow will be the last day, day 7/7. Clean for a week.

Today was a wonderful day and a day with many thoughts.

During the day, invitation to P 6/10, Concentration 6.5 / 10, Social contact 8/10, depression 0/10, nervous tension 2/10, my memory is still good, I had multiple desires for P The day I had a different outlook on girls, social networks, etc.
I think I'm starting the detox phase ...

I will be even more careful from today.

Thanks phineas for the tip. The other areas of my life, I resume my life about 7 points ( Health, Intellectual, Spiritual, Finance, Family, Relation ). right now I'm in the middle of a session, so I'm a bit into reading. I make an effort to have a good time, watch a family movie (science fiction only, not novelas), chat with friends to break the stress.

Today I watched a scientific research documentary that talks about nutrition and the brain, and studies have shown how our diet not only affects our brain and personality, but also a person can become addicted to sugar.

It still motivated me a lot.

Tired, but I have to take another 1 or 2 hours to work.

In short, a good day.

Greetings !!


Day 1

Yesterday, I relapsed. I know what you are saying to each other about me, I took the time yesterday to tell me the same thing, and maybe a lot worse ... From today, my max is no longer 2 weeks , but a week. Things got worse in my family and in my studies ...

It causes me too much damage.

Nevertheless, I keep this hope that one day I will overcome it.

Greetings !!


Day 2

Strange day, I couldn't look people in the eye, I felt like everyone was looking at me, pointing fingers or judging me. Concentration 5/10, Nervous Tension 7/10, Depression 3/10, Self-confidence 5/10.

Last time, if I relapsed it was because I was starting to tell myself that I am fine, everything is fine and I no longer have too much attention on the barriers.

Without that, I still believe I'll  say a day that It won't be easy !!



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I get that sometimes too Robert when I'd PMO or MO, I feel guilty and ashamed for a few days afterwards. A guilty conscience is an awful thing to carry around, but time and repentance heals all wounds! Eventually it'll subside and you'll pick it up again. One of the great benefits of quitting P is no longer having to carry that guilty conscience around and feeling more confident and comfortable in your own skin. Keep pushing bro!


Day 3

I had a great day. I was so angry with myself that I made an effort to have a good day. My exam was excellent, tension 3/10, Depression 0/10, Concentration 7/10, social contact 6/10.

I started a personal prayer program. When I free myself a little, I follow a preaching, a music that I like and the TV in family.

I will make an effort to continue like this. My session is coming to an end soon, it will be less nervous tension every day ...

Tomorrow is Sunday.

I don't want to make too many promises to myself so as not to blame myself too much afterwards.

Let's days speak more than us.

Thanks Bro, for your encouragement. That thing must finish !

Greetings !!


Hello Here, I am sorry that I didn't write here from a long time, it's only because I have done a complete break with Internet for a time so that I can have enough strength of start a new programm, It's just for a time. II will publish one of days will came. See you soon for good news !

Salutations !


Good evening!

I'll cut it short, thanks to my days of web connection limitations I was able to have ten clean days, no more than two weeks.

I am on Day 5 and my goal is 30 clean days, starting with 7 clean days.

side symptoms, Stress 7/10 due to a hard day, memory 6/10, social relations 7/10, intellect 7/10, sleep 10/10, anger 6/10 often flushes of anger

- 1 week
- 2 weeks
- the rest after (1 month, ...)



Day 7

Good evening, I just finished my first step and I am very happy today. I also had a great day, I was with a friend who was celebrating his birthday and we had a great time

symptoms: Stress, depression, anger 1/10, amorce 4/10 (I still have images when I close my eyes, but not in my dreams.) sleep 6/10 (I have sleep without dreams), relationships 8/10, intellect 5/10 (today I gave myself too much to races). I have also noticed behavioral changes in the way I look at things (I have recently taken up Bible meditation and I think it's okay).

Yesterday was a bad journey, my school's resultats was not as good as I attend. It was so depressive to annonce that to my parents. Now if I do not do my best, It will be worst. 

In short, I just must be courageous and more work  .

I set myself a few other goals outside of PMO, on the health, financial, student, spiritual and relationship levels to have an image of where I want to go.

Tomorrow I start the 2nd week, I will fight for success.



Day 8

It's was a stressed journey(3/5). But I have done my best to make that day better.

I am feeling very tired. I am tell you more perhaps tomorrow !

Salutations !


Hello, I am Robert7M, boy, Christian 23 years old ...

Hello, it's been about a long time since I participated in the forum. It's just because I had fallen less often, gap of about 3 weeks for the first and 3 more for the second.

It's disappointing that I fall back ... But I think going from 2 Weeks to 3 Weeks is already something.

I plan to start posting again in the forum in the sense that I will find people who can help me when I have stimuli that I can not control.

Here is my plan:

Objective 1: 10 Clean Days.

Objective 2: 20 Clean Days

Objective 3: 30 Clean days.

For how I'm going to do it, I'll publish it later ...

I didn't think it would continue to this day ...

By the way, I overestimated myself ...

But I won't give up. I have this assurance and this conviction that one day I too will publish in the review of successes for 1 month, for 3 months, for 1 year and so on.

I am looking for people who can accompany me, if you agree write to me in private.

Greetings !!


Hello, today is Day 1/90 days

Yesterday I had a bad day, depressed, guilty, I canceled at all what I had to accomplish (class, visit and others)

I have planned for today to go shopping, to go and help a friend who has lost her father, to chat with friends and at night to take time for prayer.

As symptoms: I feel depressed, I am slow to decide what to do, I feel uninitiated on the P side.

I intend to wage war on him.

As a plan that I will apply:

Monday Saturday

Morning: Wake up, pray, Cleanse, Reading

Jour : je serai en classe / je lirai mes notes

Soirée : Détente, Animation (Jeu, discussion avec un collègue)

Nuit : prière, sommeil


Matin : je serai au culte

Avant midi : lecture

Après-midi : Moment de visite et de divertissement

Soirée : Détente

Nuit : Dormir

Bref, hier j'ai passé une mauvaise journée. Aujourd'hui, j'avais toujours prévu de sortir et de me changer les idées. Et aussi, j'ai dressé un plan de bataille que je compte appliquer au quotidien.

Les salutations!