A New Hope


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Hi Al
I'm glad that I found this place. My name is Paul and I'm 32 years old atm, started using porn at the age of 11. After that I didn't stop there and started abusing other stuff like alcohol and drugs. So far I have been clean of those for over 6 years. However, PMO is still here and strong. I also started to meet with prostitutes due to lack of gf's over the years ( there were a few short relatioships, but nothing serious). This only made my self-confidence go down even more. I never really thought of porn in terms of problems - oh, thats just a habit which helps me to let go of stress, feel less lonely, nothing more. I only recently realised that it has a terrible effect on all aspects of my life, especially relationships with other people. Since that, I tried a couple of times to stop using porn but my max was 7 days of reboot. This week I tried once more and I made it to 5 days, relapsed yesterday and abused twice, today once. I don't want to give up, however I feel that my intentions are wrong - as if the change itself wasn't the goal, just amazing sex after the reboot. I feel that may be the main cause, but I'm not sure how to change that mind set.

Grateful that I can be a part of this community, take care


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Hi Paul welcome to the nation.
I may sound like a broken record to new members joining here but have you thought about why this addiction started? Addictions come from pain. What is your pain. You can't truly be free till we work through the pain.