Reboot to reconnect


Hi BridgeTri

Do not feel dejected or depressed about your relapse. All of us have experienced the relapse-reboot-relapse cycle.

One of the important activities you can do daily is to visit this forum.

Read other's journals, reply to them, share your expierences. That itself causes your brain to shift its thinking patterns.

I too have gone through 8 years of trying to quit with endless relapses. Like you, my longest ever streak is 30 days that I achieved over 2 years ago and have not been able to replicate ever since. But this is the first time in my life that I am journaling and this forum is like a gift from God.

The very act of opening myself up on this forum has caused a profound shift in my thinking.

Reading all of your stories gives me the confidence to move forward in my journey

We will overcome this addiction


Made it all the way to day 30, but after a few bad decisions in a couple of stressful weeks I’m now day 1. P has never done anything good for me. I ruin my life by PMOing. I need to stay strong. I need to remind myself that PMO is a choice and I can choose not to.
Reboot to reconnect with myself. Day 1.
When you're strong, prepare for when you're weak. You won't always be high spirited and you need to think ahead of yourself. But your attitude in the face of defeat is exactly right; the goal doesn't change and the process grows with failures and mistakes. Learn from what went wrong this time and try not to let future stress factors rope you into the last place you want to be. Keep going BridgeTri!


Thanks heaps!
Had an emotionally hard day yesterday on so many levels. But instead of PMO I chose to connect with the folks. Keeping busy, working out, being mindful.
Day 3!