Road to recovery

Day 11. I had sex yesterday and i was hard as a calculus exam to my surprise. I mean, i was fully erect for the duration of the entire thing. I couldn't believe it. Just four days before i was unable to get it up but yesterday it was all effortless. Instant erection as soon as i got on top of her. Seeing as these encounters were with two different women, i can't help but wonder if the degree to which they turned me on had anything to do with me getting and or not getting an erection. I know I've got PIED but yesterday it was like no condition like that existed within me. Whole thing is confusing. I know it doesn't mean I'm healed. It was just one of those really good days, you know? I hope i garner the strength to use this as motivation to keep going.
Day 28
Yup, I'm feeling it now. It's getting harder to resist by the day. My mind really tryna rationalize this whole thing and get me back on the Hub. I'm trying my hardest to ignore it.