Miles to Go


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Hey @Chuckles, I definitely understand what you're saying about being a procrastinator. It's something I'm still working on day by day, and it's not always easy. Porn (or any other substance), gives us the illusion of being okay when we really should be doing something else, thus, the anxiety is never resolved and is only pushed aside to come back even stronger the next time after the high wears off! It's a sick monkey!

I'm glad to hear things are going well with the GF- nice!

Stay strong brother, no need to go back to that filth, 228 days is quite the achievement!


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Day 242
Hi all. Still here, still no PMO.
Once again I have a lot going on, and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Once again neglecting my exercise (although my diet has been a bit better). And once again having the urges and dreams. But overall I have a positive outlook, and that's keeping me going.

As always, I hope you are all doing well in your journey.


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Day 270
Once again, sorry I've been gone for so long. I've been busy, but also mentally preoccupied. I moved again, and went on a big out of town trip.
I've got huge plans coming up in the next 6 months too.

As far as addiction goes, I've been pretty good. I still miss porn sometimes. And I still have the desire to watch it sometimes. I'm afriad that might never go away. But as far as addictions go, I've only really had porn and smoking. You could make the argument for video games, but IDK, that's a whole different conversation. What I will say is, this one (porn) has had the biggest hold on me, and has had the most negative impact on my life. I recently started smoking again, mostly due to stress, but I'm confident I'll be able to break that again by the end of November (I've already bought the patches, and have quit before). There are moments of weakness where I stop and think "would it really be that bad if I started watching porn again?" And then I stop and think it's a little odd I'd even have that conversation with myself. Of course the desire is there, but so is the knowledge that it's done so much harm, and that I have a real relationship to look forward to, and so much to lose now. PMO is a terrible idea! The 10th of this month will be 8 months, and next Feb 10th will be 1 year! I know I can do this! Especially considering how many plans and projects I have to distract me.