App for blocking Porn

Hi, there's an app called a BlockP (on android no idea if its available for ios), it seems good, it has a lot of good options such as:
-Block insta search
-Block phone reboot
-Block browser installs
-Block uninstall
-Block youtube searchs
-Block youtube shorts
...ect ect

However i suspect it can be uninstalled through your settings app, so it would be good to actually lock that app using some app lock app, i've posted a thread about how to do it sometime ago, check it out, hope it helps have a nice day
I've have an App called SafeSurfer dunno if it is avaiable for iOS. SafeSurfer locks up the uninstallment via settings with a PIN. I've been using it for a while and it is really great. Also, you can configure your devices and routers to redirect your current DNS to a DNS provider that locks unwanted content. I'm using yandex free DNS to do it and it has been a total relief. Combine that with complete focus on your college tasks and training and you have a demolishing weapon to fight Porn.

We can work out this issue and be the very best of ourselves by working 1% each day. Cheers bro!
I've been using Truple since January. It's great for android, and works well with windows. It is a very good web blocker for android but it's main function is as accountability software. So it actually takes screenshots and analyzes them for questionable content, then sends emails to you and your accountability partner(s) if the algorithm detects anything 'high risk'. So it prevents you from doing stuff like google-searching porn and just looking at the results in your browser, which a regular web blocker will likely allow you to do. The accountability software plus the site blocker has kept me away from porn completely for over 4 months so far. I highly recommend it, it's a pay app but well worth the price. I don't think it works well with iphone though...iOS doesn't allow it to take screenshots, so the most you will get on iOS is the site blocker I think, not the full accountability capability.