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Hey all. I figured it’s time for me to finally post my “success” story. My full story is in my journal “Up and Down PIED” if you’re interested.

I started my reboot in September 20, 2021 so I’ll be coming up on 8 months pretty soon
2 relapses during that time and 1 lesson learned about avoiding Instagram.

8 months ago I could not have sex even with viagra. I was depressed and felt like shit. My wife didn’t know what was wrong and my marriage was feeling the effects. Shit, I wasn’t even sure porn was the problem. I was just out of things to try.

today - I can have sex. I still use viagra occassionally as the mental beating I took has done a number on my confidence. But I’m happier now than I’ve ever been. Not only are we having sex fairly regularly, we’ve both been eating healthy and exercising. I weigh less (168lbs) than I did 25 years ago. Thanks m more motivated, have more energy, I’m more productive.

Guys this is the best I’ve been……ever. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I started feeling good. There are some of you on this forum who have been a huge help. You know who you are.

a few tips for guys just starting:

1 - flatline is the devil. It sucks. Know about it. Be prepared for it and know that it’s temporary.
2 - eat right and exercise. This is huge
3 - find a daily practice of some kind. For me it was meditation, then later guitar playing. Idc what it is. Just find something you used to do, or always wanted to do and start doing it every day.
4 - jerking off is ok (depending on your goals). I’ve found that masturbation to sensation or thoughts of past lived experiences has not had any negative effects on erection quality.
5 - talk to someone about your situation (feel free to message me on here if you need to)
6 - just keep going. There will be plenty of times things are awful and you’re questioning whether it’ll be worth it. It IS worth is. You WILL get better.
It’s taken me 41 years to find this level of happiness and contentment. It’s not ALL because I stopped watching porn, but I never would be here today if porn was still a part of my life. One of the top 5 best decisions I’ve ever made.
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Congratulations. Happy to hear about your success. I also started my reboot in Oct 2021 and have seen improvements but still need to get better mainly with maintaining erection. This forum has definitely been really helpful.
So Glad to hear about your success I wish you nothing but peace, happiness and success

It is your success but you have no idea how much motivation and hope it gives me for my future.

Hope to recover soon


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One question: did you do hard mode in last 8 months? If yes then for how long?
Hey. I did not do hardmode for the whole time. Mostly used it as a tool to help get out of flatline. I went for about a month....little longer. The thing that really helped with erection was avoiding orgasm while being sexual with my wife. We would fuck around, but I wasn't allowed to cum. That helped immensely