The Easy Peasy Way to Quit Porn


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Has anyone else seen this PDF book? I started reading it, and it seems to make sense. But I don't know, and I don't want to jeopardize myself by following a bullshit guide.

Anyone read it? Used it? Did it work?


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I have found it helpful in convincing myself that whatever the perceived "benefits" of porn, it's detrimental effect on me is much worse. And this gives me a strong platform to decide to be a non-user. There were a number of things I didn't agree with in it, but surrendering myself to its logic while I was reading it was rewarding for me. I had previously read Allen Carr's book about quitting smoking, on which it's based, and on my 2nd attempt became a non-smoker (and have been smoke free for more than a year after 25 years of it). I attribute it to my change in attitude (which included staying away from temptation and triggers).


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Thank you for sharing this.
I was not aware this book exists.
I found a web based version here

Stopping addiction is a complicated process.
There are many different ways to tackle it and different methods work at different stages of the recovery.
I personally believe that there is no 1 way that is effective. This is because:
1. We were all born differently with different life history
2. We each have different and unique reasons for falling for porn
3. It is difficult to tackle a psychological, emotional and cognitive affliction when it's already habitualized after long term exposure.

Therefore it is important to
1. arm ourselves with as much information as possible
2. Apply different techniques such as discipline, determination, rationalization, perspective change, alternatives, journalling etc.

Skimming the book quickly, I think the book is good as it has many topics for you to study and understand how to deal with addiction.

Is it a good book? That depends on what kind of reader and level of recovery you are at. For a start, this book can help.

I recall a blogger here also made an excellent blog that is very helpful. I think he has "eagle" within his account name. Please search and try to find his link

Edit: Found it!
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Thanks @TakeActionNow . you have an excellent memory.
I stumbled across EasyPeasyMethod and it flipped the switch in my head, that I was an addict and needed to quit, so I'm very grateful for it. I also read other scientific books afterward. I wrote my own version of it (Allen Carr method of quitting) to be shorter and clearer.

I believe AC method works for intelligent and analytical people (programmers, accountants, engineers) but it's just a theory, extrapolating from studies on how to quit smoking. Peoples brains have a wide spectrum so use whatever method works (support groups, 12 step, church, rehab, therapy, etc.).

42/M 10 months free.


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Thank you. I'm just a messenger.
Its you we all have to thank for taking the effort and putting everything you know down in a useful and structured form that will be helpful for many many more people.
Cheers buddy!