200 Days and Counting

I committed to cutting porn out of my life after watching Gary Wilson's Tedx talk "The Great Porn Experiment". Honestly, it just popped up on my youtube suggested videos at random. This was 3 days ago. Hearing the neurological effects of porn made me realize that I need to cut that shit out. I quit chewing tobacco 5,186 days ago using a forum similar to this. It made such a huge difference in my life. Everything I learned about addiction through that process rang true for the role porn plays (played) in my life. I need to rewire my brain and be a better man for myself and the people who depend on me.

I need to cut porn out completely and allow myself to be physically and emotionally available to my wife. I'm committed, and I'm glad I found this community as a way to connect with others about a topic that I never really discuss otherwise. One day at a time. I've got this!
Yes, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Quiting porn for all life is all you need to get yourself back. No porn and no Instagram.


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128 - I feel like there are more 40+ threads now than when I started in late July. Good stuff. Honestly, I don’t often read them; it’s enough just seeing all the activity. We’ve got this!