The Infamous 90 Days!!!!

Recovery Will Come

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It’s been a long 3 months but made it to the infamous 90 days…. This is just the beginning of my journey… My brain is returning to my old brain where triggers don’t affect me anymore and feels like I’m back in real life.. Not fully recovered yet.. Morning wood is coming back slowly…. But I feel I have to go all out as far as diet, going to the gym and eating less sugar… The new job, and drinking lots of water!!!! I never thought I would make it to this point ever and was a far off dream I never thought I would reach..
Benefits: More energy: I’m up early every day!!! Do my daily workout session with my dumbbells, played basketball every morning pre vacation, and had more energy to run errands and get things done… Social Anxiety gone and women attraction: I can socialize a lot better with women and people in general… I was on vacation and felt like I could talk to anybody.. Especially women… I noticed women pay much more attention to me everywhere I went… Just natural attraction… I felt like I was back in my high school days haha….
Back in real life: I feel back in real life and living in the world rather than just existing… I’m not fully recovered yet I can tell but if I keep on this journey I know I will be….
Stay on this path fellas the benefits are totally worth it… I will update when I make it to 120 days…