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    Is there permanent damage? Rebooting at 29.

    I know exactly how you feel right now. Do not worry. You are not permanently broken. this is my story- i think it will give you some hope. Please stay strong.
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    Please read if you are struggling.

    Yes no need to delete facebook if its not harming you. I just went over the top and limited everything that will give me quick dopamine releases. Instagram and tiktoks are definitely worse than fb in terms of that- due to high volume of scrollin and new contents. Fighting a flatline is a wrong...
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    afraid I have a non-reversible PIED

    Um… you keep fapping and put yourself in this situation and you’re asking what you should do? QUIT PORN. QUIT FAPPING. OR ELSE KEEP LIVING IN YOUR MISERABLE SELF HATING CYCLE WITH A BROKEN PENIS. you are on this website so you know exactly what to do.. AND YOU’RE STILL NOT DOING IT. Man listen...
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    Unending cycle of flatline

    Hey fappy, Thanks for your advice. i always see you responding to others on this forum so it makes me wonder what your story is. If you dont mind me asking.. How old are you? Were you an addict who went through all the recovery??
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    Unending cycle of flatline

    Truly a great advise. Thank you. I know i have to only orgasm with my partner for awhile for my most successful reboot. Until then i am trying not to play with fire.
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    Unending cycle of flatline

    Thanks brother. You are right masturbating is better than watching porn 1000%. Though i think i still need to reboot longer before i can masturbate without porn. And my addiction craves me to watch sexual online content more than touching myself so I my relapses always begin with looking at...
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    Unending cycle of flatline

    Were in a long distance relationship and I see her once every month or two. It seems that I always relapse few days after she leaves because we’d have a lot of sex when together and its so much harder to control my sexual urges moments after we part. I know what to do but i just am not self...
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    Unending cycle of flatline

    I keep screwing up. I feel like I am healed after 1-2 months of rebooting and relapse myself back into a nasty flatline.. I am sick of having constant dead dick periods which seem to last forever everytime i relapse. Its really depressing. Need to stay strong.
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    Severe Pied

    Eren is a beast
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    Growing up with PORN

    You can do it too! I wish i new i was in deep waters when i was your age man. Feel free to check out my story and what I did that helped me get through tough moments from the link below.
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    Growing up with PORN

    I’ve been on good streaks up to 150 days and thought i was finally cured when my pied symptoms were completely gone. But its always those moments when i feel cured that I get hooked back into porn and bringing me back to the starting point. I have been through this cycle a couple times already...
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    Growing up with PORN

    You are still young. Stay strong and you can beat this thing in less than a year.. and you’ll still be only 22. You know how bad it is, and you want to quit badly. Its up to you man. I’m with you here. Been heavily addicted since 11 years old and been trying to quit for 2 years now and i’m 25...
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    21 and trying to save my penis

    You realized your problem early and you will make it through and heal your pied. Just know you are perfectly capable and healthy and stay strong.
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    Same here man its such a shitty cycle. We need to learn from our mistakes and know not to go back to PMO even once our libido is back.. making is go through the flatline over and over again. Gotta stop living like this. My flatlines seem to last weeks to even months