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    Confused about recovery

    I’m on the same boat. Exact same thing as you. Dick just does not feel like it used to and it shrivels up during the day sometimes. It fucking sucks. But i think its part of the process and will be getting better as we continue our reboot. The fact that we are able to have sex sometimes is good...
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    Physical problems

    When i am deep in flatline I get extremely tired.. sometimes headaches, and depression. Cant get myself to do anything because 1. I’m so exhausted for no reason and 2. Zero motivation. It goes away with time ONLY if you stay away from pmo.
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    HJ and BJ during reboot

    If u can orgasm from HJ and BJ after 4 months of hardmode without any flatline afterwards you are either completely healed or on the verge of it. Congrats my guy stay strongggg
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    I'm in Hell

    Any update? I hope you’re not suffering too much..
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    Newcomers report needing help from everyone and discuss problems with PIED

    1. Is desensitization caused by everyday unhappiness and lack of sexual desire? How long can the happiness of childhood be restored? its the opposite. Feeling numb, sad, and lifeless penis are all results of desensitization in your dopamine reward system. Porn has burned off too many of your...
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    Newcomers report needing help from everyone and discuss problems with PIED

    Hey man, You are 22 and healthy. To me its obvious that you are suffering from porn addiction and PIED. Forget about the pills. You dont need them and they will only confuse you during your recovery. The issue is in your brain not your penis. If you stay on the right path, its a matter of time...
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    Erection problems

    You will recover faster if you stay away from orgasms for the first 90 days or so.. but you can still recover while you have sex just at a much slower pace.
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    Relapsed into a flatline.. after 4 months of reboot

    Here I am again, at a place i promised id never be in ever again. I went 114 days hardmode and 135 days no PMO. I was able to have successful sex but orgasms put me back into smaller flatlines but they werent so bad as before. And when my girlfriend left I was feeling the chaser effect of...
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    What is prone masturbation?
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    Please read if you are struggling.

    Having a lot of sex definitely put me back into a flatline. I had sex for 3 days and fell into a flatline fore a week then my gf came back for a week. I was still able to perform most of the times but i definitely wasnt 100 % myself and knew i was still in a flatline.. and having orgasms were...
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    How does pied recovery work?

    Exactly my friend. And once you start seeing those signs recovery will happen at a faster rate. But its such a long and painful process to get there. At the end it cannot be more worth it and you will be a changed man.
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    How does pied recovery work?

    Stay away from orgasming for at least 90 days. It took me over 100 days of flatline to see signs of recovery
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    10 months hard mode. 24 M. I masturbated yesterday using only imagination - is it bad?

    You are definitely sexually healed in my opinion. Just stay away from porn. Dont be afraid to get intimate with a girl. You are definitely ready for sex.
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    Thats great to hear. It will keep getting better! And yes i’ve noticed that as well! Trying to really cut down in screen time but its pretty hard.
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    Did it get any better?