I am frustrated.. Trying for 3 and half years now...!

Do or die

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Yesterday I am searching about how to hack and destroy porn sites. And one site opened with some sexual images. And then I got an high urge. I opened porn website and fapped.

Do or die

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Day 1
I am trying to leave this addiction from 4 years. I don't know why I am failed again and again.

It destroyed my normal life. It affected my health and job also.

After seeing such effects also I am not able to leave it. Why??
Please give me some answer

Do or die

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Today I have no motivation to do anything in my life.
And I think that it's impossible to leave porn. But recently I read a post on a website, where they said that every addict think that it's impossible to leave addiction.

So as a porn addict it's normal to think like that.

So from today my goal is to complete 10 days.
And today is day 1.

Do or die

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My actual goal is to complete 150 days of nofap.
so I devided this goal in 30 parts.
first I focus on completing 5 days and after it 10 and forward.
i.e. 5*30=150 days.

Now I want to close this cycle of relapse and reboot.

Do or die

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Completed 3rd day today.
I am referencing this days as black days of my life where I dont have any gf and no one respects me. But I will change my life because now its enough.


Hey champ. Remember that you are not alone, and you are not the only one struggling. I sometimes feels like that is helping me. Knowing that some1 out there feels the way you feel, and that if you post something here, people will read it. They will not always answer, but they read it, and maybe unknowlingly lends you a though.

Take care buddy!

Do or die

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Thank you so much luchness.
Day 5
Completed first part of all 30 parts.
Now my goal is to reach 10 days.