my journey, 25, male, PMO since ~11, 100% ED, done with this shit forever, it did enough harm


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Day 378

i went back in my journey and found out that i started on febuary the 2nd 2023 meaning i miscounted some days within the process. I corrected it now.

1 year no porn. what can i say?:

It was and is for sure not easy, many tough nights, many tough moments, urges etc. But it was and is F**** worth it.

The good thing is, these nights and urges went less and weaker with time. Which makes it easier and easier.

Still, there will always be moments that are tough. Its a constant war I have to fight here.

The most important thing is to prepare yourself already mentally for the tough moments. Because the tough urgeful moments are the deciding moments in the end.

I personally have some "layers of protection" like the many skins of an onion, in such moments:

These are:
-thinking about having ED,
-thinking about the big streak i got which i would break,
-Thinking about how i feel after watching P
-thinking about where i see myself in the future

Even in the worst urgeful moments i force myself to think about these over and over again.

The very very last way out in such moments is to simply masturbate but to masturbate about natural thoughts. Never ever open porn or fantasize about porn. Thats the rule.

Now lets come to the positive influence that has come with abstaining from P:

first of all it needs to be said that the rewards come slow but steadily like you train your muscles in the gym.

I found a very supportive and lovely gf (luckily) and the sex just got better and better with time. More solid erections. Erection just form her touch. And i say that as a severe case that got hooked to hardcore fetishes from an early teenage year on.

It is literally about training your brain from the one thing to the other. From the bad to the good. From the extreme to the natural. From the damaging to the sustainable.

thank you for reading and taking part in my journey. Love you guys