my journey, 25, male, PMO since ~11, 100% ED, done with this shit forever, it did enough harm


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I personally have some "layers of protection" like the many skins of an onion, in such moments:

These are:
-thinking about having ED,
-thinking about the big streak i got which i would break,
-Thinking about how i feel after watching P
-thinking about where i see myself in the future
I love these reasons you have for staying away @swimmer97. I think these are gold. Hell, I think you're gold!

I'm glad you found a great and supportive girlfriend too. That can be a real game changer in all of this.

Keep rocking it man!


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Day 393

woke up at one night this week and was so pumped with dopamine for P that i neraly relapsed. that was crazy scary. there can be so much dopamine that its nearly impossible to get control back over oneself. i thank god did it but only with having that one little voice in my head "this will be a relpase, you are fucked if you do it"


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Day 402

i want to get back to 12% body fat. im done with the half ass approach of losing fat. it didnt do anything in the last 1-2months. my goals need to be specific again.

i posted this a week or so ago. i actually changed my mind here. What i learned is that going on a tough diet and loosing kilograms this way is not worth. why? because it is not sustainable. I would lose some kilograms like last year but i will 99% gain them all back quickly after i go back into my normal eating habits.

so what now? well, i will eat the same as i always do but more protein. I will actually go for more muscles or to better say it i want to get stronger. Not focusing on the visual muscle gain but focusing on lifting more weights each 2 weeks. This is more sustainable as i will eat as much as i feel comfortable with. lets try this out.

My current body metrics are:

79,35kg Weight
16,2% Body Fat

It is literally all about sustainability in life. In sports but also of course when it comes to sexual health. P is the absolute opposite of sustainability.


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Day 419

never ever again. only the real deal. to quote the man himself gary wilson from his book "do more of what your ancestors did because our brains are not used to todays supernormal stimulis". im not sure if he said it exactly like this but somewhat like this. and i still remember it until today because its so f-ing true.