The Journey continues, the Challenge goes on!

It's now over 50 days since I PMO'd and not once since then have I looked at anything P-related, be it P itself or something s*xual and triggering. This is the longest time in a long time that I've not actively searched out something P-themed. I can readily go many months without PMO but the consumption of P never really disappears so I'm happy, and surprised, at how relatively easy it is to NOT do something i.e. not actively search for P. However, I've found over the last week or so, maybe longer, my thoughts readily go to memories of P, in particular when I'm in bed at night. I imagine like many others, there were a few P people and specific P videos that would get regularly viewings and currently, there are a few like this that keep popping into my thoughts just before I go to bed. With the lack of P consumption and me keeping really quite clean, I am finding that even though these thoughts can be brief and fleeting, they still get me quite excited / aroused. For me, this is the biggest challenge right now because when I wake during the night and I'm in that semi-conscious state, I often find that my libido is quite strong (during the night) so my thoughts readily drift to P memories. I will never be able to delete these memories as they're too well ingrained so the main focus at the moment is to manage them, ignore them, push them aside when appear in my mind, and try to think of something else. Apart from this, it's been a relatively quiet week with not much to report.